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DID YOU KNOW: People in over 90 countries representing in excess of 15 languages have been exposed to Gwyneth Montenegro’s 10,000 Men and Counting.

WORLD TOUR: The tour continues… Look out for Gwyneth as she visits London, Turkey, Vietnam and USA.

NEWS: Talks are currently underway to develop a reality based television series based on Gwyneth Montenegro to be watched by millions across the world. (Watch this space.)

NEW LANGUAGES: 10,000 Men and Counting is available in a variety of languages with additional translations to be released during 2015.

DID YOU KNOW: Gwyneth Montenegro works with and supports victims of rape and/or severe bullying.

THE STORY: 10,000 Men and Counting is the life story of Gwyneth Montenegro. Up until recently it was a tightly guarded secret. This amazing story chronicles Gwyneth’s insatiable efforts to time and time again strive to better her life.




It was the most tightly guarded secret of her life. A horrid and terrible secret she feared, if revealed, could destroy her reputation, her professional achievements and alienate her socially.

Yet, she did … and it changed the world.

Read the astonishing true story of Gwyneth Montenegro, a startlingly true autobiography, so revealing that many are referring to it as the 50 Shades of the modern era.







Purchase your copy now!

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